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    On The Go Wearable Air Purifier

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    Image of Black & White Air Shield Mini, Suspended in Air

    Create a Force-Field of Clean Air

    10 Million Ions Remove PM 2.5, Viruses, CO2, and PollutantsHow Does It Work
    Single Person with Air Shield Mini on a Busy Tube, Creating a Force Field of Clean Air Around Him

    Boost Energy, Reduce Anxiety, Feel Good

    Harness the Raw Power of ScienceThe Benefits
    Photograph of a Single Black Air Shield Mini

    What's London saying?

    "As a city runner, I know the struggle of urban pollution. The Air Shield Mini is part of my essential gear now. More stamina, less fatigue. London, if you're hitting the pavement, consider upping your game."

    City Runner

    "London life is chaos. I'm a marketer, so focus is everything. Stress? Poof. Clarity? Through the roof. It's not just air, it's sanity in the city. If you're in London, you need this. Period."


    "Balancing parenthood and teaching in London, clean air is a must. The Air Shield Mini helps me be present with my kids, reduces stress, and creates a calm classroom. My children thrive, and so do I."

    Teacher & Mother

    "As a lawyer in London, my days are packed with pressure. Clicking on the Air Shield Mini, I feel safe, reducing my anxiety. My allergy symptoms are minimal too, almost non-existent. Nice one."

    Image of a single white Air Shield Mini
    Image of a single white Air Shield Mini
    How Does It Work?

    Air Shield Mini works by altering air particles' electrical charge, making them negative. Similar to magnets, negative charges attract positive charges, causing the negatively charged particles to cling to surfaces like walls and floors.

    This process swiftly removes harmful particles, ensuring a cleaner breathing space. It acts as your personal air cleaner, creating a persistent shield of air purification, promoting a consistently clean breathing atmosphere around you.

    Experience the future

    Take a deep breath and invest in your well-being

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